Channel 4’s first trailer for The Great British Bake Off looks tasty

The trailer, from 4Creative, marks an advertising first: the only time an entire ad has been animated using baked products. Opening on a flour mountain that gets flattened by an egg yolk, viewers are taken on a baking journey featuring bread, cakes, and, of course, the preparation of a show stopper.

Fact fans will be keen to discover that 335 baked characters were created for the trailer, using 500 eggs, 28kg of sugar and 50kg of flour. Yummy.

Great British Bake Off trailer
Great British Bake Off trailer
Great British Bake Off trailer

4Creatives ECDs John Allison and Chris Bovill of course have form in this area: they were the ones behind the glorious Skoda Cake ad, created when they were at Fallon in 2007.

GBBO Trailer credits:

Agency: 4Creative
ECDs: John Allison, Chris Bovill
Creative director: Dan Watts
Creatives: Jack Croft, Stacey Bird
Production company: Blinkink
Directors: Parabella (Michael Please, Dan Ojari)