The winners of the 10th annual Sony World Photography Awards were announced last night, with British photographer Martin Parr being recognised for his Outstanding Contribution to Photography. Parr’s 40 year career is being celebrated with an exhibition of some of his work, including some rarely seen early black and white photographs. His photographs, along with other winning work will be on exhibit at London’s Somerset House till May 7.

This year, the professional and open categories received a total of over 227,000 entries from 183 countries. Belgian photographer Frederik Buyckx was named Photographer of the Year for his series titled Whiteout; a breathtaking documentation of isolated communities living in the Balkans, Scandinavia and Central Asia. Buyckx explains that the series focuses on a ‘struggle against disappearance’, the brutal effects of the crippling cold and endless snow experienced by these regions. 

Amateur Russian photographer Alexander Vinogradov won the Open Photographer of the Year award. His portrait titled Mathilda, which he says was inspired by the French film Léon was named the best single photograph entered in the awards. 

Model: Anastasiya Marinina. Copyright: © Alexander Vinogradov, Russian Federation

Winners of the 10 professional categories:

Contemporary Issues winner – Tasneem Alsultan, Saudi Arabia
“Society constrains the divorcee. What you can or can’t do, remains under the control of others. As an independent single mother, I’ve made peace with the sacrifices I’ve had to make, but also managed to find happiness on my own”. Nassiba, fashion designer. Jeddah. © Tasneem Alsultan
Conceptual winner – Sabine Cattaneo, Switzerland
In 2007 two men travelled all the way from Germany to demand the help of an assisted suicide organisation. For lack of a suitable location at the time, the procedures were carried out in a parking lot alongside a forest. © Sabine Cattaneo
Architecture winner: Dongni, China
Rules ordering a regular intensive repetition sum up the feeling of the modern city
Current Affairs & News winner – Alessio Romenzi, Italy
Sirte, Libya, July 14, 2016: Fighters of the Libyan forces affiliated with the Tripoli government walk around the gigantic chandelier of the conference room in the Ouagadougou conference centre
Daily Life winner: Sandra Hoyn, Germany
Kajol with her 6-month-old baby Mehedi and a customer on her bed. Two weeks after birth of Mehedi she was forced to have sex again with customers. Because of the baby her business is not good. © Sandra Hoyn
Landscape winner: Frederik Buyckx, Belgium
In the North of Montenegro a shepherd is walking to his herd of sheep with a selfmade broom in his hand. The broom was used to wipe off the snow lying on the back of the sheep.
Natural World winner: Will Burrard-Lucas, United Kingdom
I was in Liuwa Plain at the end of the dry season. When the rains finally arrived thousands of Wildebeest migrated to the area. I positioned a remote flash in front of the herd and drove round so that I could use the flash to back-light the rain. It was a challenging shot as I had to predict the movement of the animals and hope they passed between me and the flash. I had to compose and manually focus in complete darkness, all while attempting to keep my equipment dry in the driving rain! © Will Burrard-Lucas
Portraiture winner: George Mayer, Russian Federation
Like in works of Modernism the shadow in the exhibited portraits is symbolic itself. Occupying nearly the whole picture it holds some mystery, and occasional points of light give us a chance to guess it. It may be said that along with the woman’s body there is another inanimate character in the photograph. It is the shadow. The human figure is likened to the light fighting with the dark. In this struggle harmony is born. © George Mayer
Still Life winner: Henry Agudelo , Columbia
Hundreds of missing people are waiting to be recognized by the different departments of the state for this reason that is preserved at least some part of their body, whether a tattoo, a mark on one of their bones, a prosthesis. In Colombia there are more than 130,000 disappeared because of the war and violence in this country is lived, many bodies that are not identified pass to medical universities to be studied and waiting for a relative to come and recognize him. © Henry Agudelo
Sport winner: Yuan Peng, China
This series was taken in a sports school in Jining, in Shandong province, China. Liu Bingqing and Liu Yujie are twin sisters, who have liked gymnastics since their childhood. They have studied, trained and grown up here. © Yuan Peng

Youth Photographer of the Year

Standing above Lake Pehoé in Chile, I felt invincible. I looked at the view that surpassed all the pictures I had ever seen in my life. I took this image in Torres del Paine National Park, in the south of Chile, during my trip there in March of 2016. I cannot begin to express the way I felt standing there, but I hope that this photograph can share my unforgettable moment with you all. It was simply magnificent. © Katelyn Wang

Student Photographer of the Year

Only Hope Michelle © Daiana Gentile