5-Year-Old Boy Is Told He’s Going To Be A Big Brother. His Reaction Is Just So Epic, We Can’t Stop Smiling

One of the most exciting stages of life is when a woman finds out she’s expecting, but in this particular case, it looks like the big brother-to-be is the eager one. This 5-year-old boy’s reaction to being told that he is about to have a little brother or sister is just so awesome. It’s no wonder millions of people just can’t keep from smiling at his sweetness.

Ethan was in the backseat of his mum, Sarah’s, car when he was told that he was about to be a big brother. She handed him two photos of the ultrasound, and then broke the news to him.

Ethan’s first reaction was that of surprise, but excitement soon followed as it began to dawn on him that he would be a big brother. Again and again, he asked his mother just to make sure, “Is it really in there?” It was very clear that to him, that was the biggest news ever. He just needed to make sure it was not a joke.

Youtube/ Sarah Bromby

Youtube / Sarah Bromby

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Then, the little boy began to imagine what having a little baby in the house would mean.

He can sleep on my bed… I’m gonna tell my teacher.

A couple of times, he would yell with joy, and we have no doubt at all that he really could not wait to meet his baby sibling.

Youtube/ Sarah Bromby

Youtube / Sarah Bromby

What’s not to love about this boy? His cute looks, adorable accent, and just how caring he was for his mum brought smiles to the faces of many. Not only was the video viewed over 7 million times on Youtube, it was also published on Facebook, where it garnered over 14 million views.

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We have no doubt that Ethan would be an exemplary big brother. Watch the video and don’t forget to share.