Husband Paints Walls, But The Wife Tears The Paint Off In The Night. This Brings Them Victory In America’s Best Remodel

Old houses have their charm, and many people feel like stepping through time when they enter one of those buildings. However, while it’s nice to visit and admire, much fewer people would actually want to live in a house like that.

For John and Nicole Rader, it was a dream come true when they came across a 1928 house. The couple immediately fell in love with it, but it needed some renovation before they could live there.



John and Nicole wanted to save some of the original design and refresh it a bit with some modern elements. Some things were easier to improve, while others required some experimentation. For example, Nicole wasn’t satisfied with the color of the walls in one of the rooms, even after John had painted it for the second time. She ended up removing it and getting a unique look of the room. Fortunately, John liked it too and was not offended by his wife’s actions.

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John and Nicole not only did a great job and managed to make a perfect house for their family, but also impressed the judges of This Old House’s 2011 Search for America’s Best Remodel and won $5,000 in addition to a GMC Sierra pickup truck. The efforts of finding the best look for the rooms surely paid off!

When you watch the video, you’ll see how nice and comfortable the house looks with some spots, where the past reveals itself.