Jennifer Aniston Might’ve Never Married Brad Pitt If Her Current Hubby Had Come To An Audition Back In The 90s

If you are a fan of Jennifer Aniston then you must’ve followed her beautiful marriage with Brad Pitt that ended so unexpectedly with a nasty divorce. ‘Mr. Smith’ allegedly fell into the charm of Angelina Jolie and dealt much pain to his then-wife.

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Divorce is almost never easy, and it took some time for Jennifer to heal. It also helped her reconcile with her mother after ten years of silence between them.


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In 2011, the famous actress found the new love, and we do hope she’ll spend the rest of her life happily with Justin Theroux.

Recently, Jennifer’s husband made a sensational statement about his past. It turned out he had Friends audition on his schedule but never showed up because he slept that day.

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Who knows? Maybe, they would’ve started dating, if he had shown up and got a role. Jennifer would’ve never felt the pain she experienced with Pitt, but she would’ve been a different person for sure.

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As for Justin, he says he doesn’t regret as he wasn’t ready for the fame.